Round up of ReeldealHD latest bespoke video productions;

See our latest stock video reel created for ReeldealHD and available for purchase on Istock/Gettyimages:

We just finished shooting the new lookbook for U | Clothing AW12 we created two video’s shot on the same day as the photographs were taken and created  a little story and a generic reel to show of the tailored designs from the creatives at U | Clothing;

We were commissioned to shoot a story for Bank Societe Generale and explain their Lyxor asset management;

In a half day shoot we covered the interview and generic shots to make the presentation more dynamic.

The creative industries have been seen to become increasingly important to economic well-being, proponents suggesting that “human creativity is the ultimate economic resource :

  • creative industries contributed 2.9% of the UK’s Gross Value Added in 2009, this is an increase from 2.8% in 2008
  • 1.5 million people are employed in the creative industries or in creative roles in other industries, 5.1% of the UK’s employment
  • exports of services by the creative industries accounted for 10.6% of the UK’s exports of services
  • there were an estimated 106,700 businesses in the creative industries on the Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR) in 2011, this represents 5.1% of all companies on the IDBR
  • The creative industries in the UK were valued at  £57 billion in 2006 which is a £25.8 billion increase  from 1997

This inspired us to create a series of video’s covering the creative industry in this first reel we cover Fashion, Architecture and Designers.

The second reel covers music and radio performers:

And “behind the scenes” at a TV production:

Modern business meetings reel for one of our corporate clients:

We are currently working on a series of case study’s for the SSAFA Forces Help for there new website to go live in January. This is a video we produced for them in September with the Big Brew UP!

Business on the go go go!

Being blessed with a few days of nice weather! Which was perfect for our Teen clean beach story for Gettyimages.

Just back form Amsterdam (my hometown) great shoot with a great energy and some great girls!

We have been commissioned again to film the PACA conference from 21-23 October 2011 in New York at the Marriott-east-side.

This is the new ident we created to be used for the seminars and highlights reel. Last years video’s can be seen here

Hopefully next summer will be better then this one! We have been commisioned to film the look book for U | clothing (Spring/Summer 2012) at Somersethouse and it’s nice to see stills of our shoot used on the homepage! Looking forward shooting the female SS2012

May was a crazy busy month for us with trips to Istanbul Turkey for the CEPIC conference we were commissioned to film all the seminars and create a highlight reel:  

I don’t know how we did it but we managed to pull one more shoot of in Istanbul that was done in one day on 2!!! continents Asia and Europe;

We are very exited about our new product the we launched in Summer and hope to have a website for it ready in October. A one stop shop for the best Green screen stock footage available! All HD content is pre-keyed and includes alpha channel.

Only occasionaly we do wedding video’s this was done for two of my best friends and with special guest Janet Jackson!!!!

Summer holiday a good excuse to film a promo for the luxury boutique resort in Greece;


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