More than 80% of marketers use videos on their own websites

In recent years, the costs of video production have dropped tremendously thanks to digital technology, while the barriers to distributing video content have also fallen, owing to the internet. Those two factors have likely hastened the adoption of video marketing, which is now near-ubiquitous among US senior marketing professionals, according to a survey conducted during Q2 2013 and Q3 2013.

The poll found that 93% of marketers had used video for online marketing, sales or communications purposes at some point during 2013, up from 81% in 2012. Another 3% said they had not used video in 2013 but were considering doing so.

The growing importance of digital video marketing is also reflected in the number of dollars marketing professionals are allocating to the channel. The poll found that 70.5% of respondents expected their outlays for video to increase in 2013 over the previous year, while 14.6% indicated that budgets would remain static. Just 1.3% foresaw a drop in video marketing budgets for the year.

Marketers are also taking advantage of a number of content delivery platforms in order to get their videos in front of an audience. While the website was the most popular destination for video content, used by nearly 84% of respondents, almost two-thirds tapped YouTube to post videos. Social media platforms were employed by close to 62% of respondents, while around 60% of those polled sent videos via email.

The report also found that user-generated videos were contributing to the increasing number of overall videos produced and disseminated on sharing sites and social media platforms. But it concluded that these types of videos were less effective as marketing tools than professionally produced videos with higher production values.

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8 Ways to Use User-Generated Video for Marketing

User generated video is gaining more and more ground in today’s marketing landscape. But what can YOU do with user generated video for marketing?

Here are 8 ways to get you going, but first off all we take a look at the rise of “UGV”.  User Generated Video is used for a wide range of applications, including marketing, problem processing, news, and reflects the expansion of media production through new technologies like smartphones, tablets & laptops. Even media companies are starting to realize that user generated content is interesting enough to change their business models.

User-generated video has gained in popularity over the last few years, as more and more users have begun to use social media and “‘content-based'” sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, et al.  Below are some examples on how to use user-generated video.

1. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are the easiest way to use User Generated Video in your online marketing efforts. Using customer testimonials adds credibility to your business, because people rely on other people. This lift in credibility can also lift your conversion rate.

Have you ever tried recording a video? You will notice that it’s very hard to fake emotions on camera (if not, you should consider an acting career). This means that the people who do record a video testimonial are your best brand ambassadors. They talk in a positive way about your brand or business, and they are out there to spread the word for you!

2. Product Reviews

Have you ever bought a product or service online? And did you read or watch a review before purchasing? When shopping online 70% of the people say they read reviews before they actually purchase a product or service. Lots of the reviews you find will probably be text-based.  If you know that people don’t really like to read online, because it’s so time consuming, you can consider using video reviews.

Besides the social proof which is being added to your website, shop, or Facebook page, you also get valuable feedback of your customers or users, and that feedback will definitely help you to improve your product!

Video is also easier than text to spread across the web. It’s harder to get text reviews to become viral, a video on the other side is made to share. Imagine having your customers spreading the word about your products on social channels.

These first 2 ways of using User Generated Video can help you increase conversion rate, but besides conversions it can also boost your inbound traffic.

Product reviews to increase conversions & inbound traffic

As videos get shared on across the web, we can even track which viewers visit our client’s website and eventually convert into customers.

3. Video Contests

Video contest with user generated video

Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets & laptops come with a built-in camera & an internet connection. This enables the users to capture video everywhere, making it easier to get user generated video content.

Unlike most people think, a video contest doesn’t have to be expensive. There are several tools that can be used to set up a video contest. You don’t need big bucks to get your own custom YouTube page where people can upload their video.

Tips when organizing a video contest:

– Add gamification elements to get users start sharing their videos. Our leaderboard calculates a score based on shares, likes, views, …

– Reward contributors with an incentive to activate them to upload  a video (coupon, freebie,  or even just their social status…)

– The first video entries are (most of the time) the hardest to get. Once you have a couple of videos, the other visitors will be more likely to enter the contest as well.

4. Support & Customer Care

Video technology has introduced a better way for companies to provide better online customer service. One of the most common ways to use video in Support & Customer Care are prerecorded How-To videos solving common problems. But you can go a step further! Every company has service, acquisition or loyalty goals, and for every goal there’s a way you can use video to reach those goals.

Land’s End, an online apparel retailer, is using a live video chat to help customers during their shopping experience. It has proved to increase sales, and the loyalty of customers has grown as well. It’s like having a personal shopping assistant helping you out when shopping online.

Besides the How-To videos or the live video chat you can go a step further and give your customers the possibility to add a video when they fill in a support form. People really don’t like to type a problem, because it’s time consuming and it’s not clear if the support operator understands the problem.

5. HR & Recruiting

It’s always great to receive hundreds, maybe thousands of cover letters and resumes when posting a job on an online job board. Unfortunately it’s your task to read those letters in an attempt to get the best candidates.

It’s hard to find the right candidate by only judging their resume and cover letter. How do you know if they will fit in your company culture? How do you know if they are motivated, or skilled enough to work for you?

Video Job Applications help hiring managers to get the right candidate faster, so your company saves time and money. Candidates have the opportunity to highlight relevant experience and skills and at the same time they are showing off their personality and passion for your company.

Hiring managers can read the candidate’s body language, listen to speech patterns, test certain skills, etc.  This surely is a win-win situation for both candidate as hiring manager.

6. Classified Ad Websites

Video will help you to create a richer experience for your visitors, and give your advertisers the tools they need to show off their listings.

Classified ad websites using video are rare, and in most cases they just ask you to copy and paste the link to a video posted on YouTube, Vimeo or other video platform. Niches like real estate or automotive classifieds can add compelling content to their listings using devices like smartphones or tablets.

7. Events

When you visit an event these days, you will see lots of people recording stuff using their smartphone, but the day afterwards you turn to YouTube and can’t find a video of this event anywhere. So what do they do with those videos? Do they upload them? And if they do, where do they do it? All this precious video content gets fragmented or even lost.

This video content can be used to drive more buzz during and even after an event. Give your attendees the possibility to contribute with their videos, and provide a space where all those videos come together.

The cool thing is that contributors are very likely to share the video they recorded during the event, generating inbound traffic to your website or Facebook page. On the other hand, the attendees will be more likely to come back to your website or Facebook page if they know that they will find valuable video content of the event. Example of what we created for our client PACA during their conference last year in Chicago:

8. Point of Sale

I’ve never seen a retailer doing this, but I do think that using User Generated Video in a Point of Sales environment can stimulate in-store traffic.

How many girls show off their new outfit with their friends after a day of shopping? Why not give them the possibility to get feedback of friends WHILE shopping for a new outfit? And by rewarding them with a coupon or other incentive they will be excited to show off your products.

But how does it work? Well, there are several possibilities to use video in a point of sale environment, but the key in getting those videos is to keep it simple. Don’t ask your clients to upload something on YouTube or other video platform, not everybody is tech-savvy and has a YouTube account.

Why Advertisers Need YouTube [Infographic]

YouTube reaches more U.S. adults between the ages of 18 and 34 than any cable network. With one billion unique users per month, YouTube helps brands engage with people who aren’t just willing to watch videos; they’re actively seeking them out.

video marketing strategy on YouTube can benefit your brand’s social media presence on other networks, too. When Old Spice ran its “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign, it gained over 80,000 Twitter followers in two days and increased its Facebook engagement by 800%. What do these numbers mean? Well, for Old Spice, they meant a 107% sales increase.

This infographic by MDG Advertising illustrates the growth and consumption habits of YouTube viewers, and shows how your brand can turn content into revenue with a video marketing strategy.



Have A Strategy for Online Video: Video Marketing Tips

It is quite easy to go through the resources available online on how to create a perfect video for driving links back to your website. It will just take half a day to know the various technical aspects of video creation namely hosting, embedding, acquiring snippets and many others.  But, there is still something missing in this strategy.  First, I would like to throw some light on how popular the concept of video marketing has become of late:

Some Trivial Facts About Online Videos:

These trivial facts about video marketing confirm the belief that video is here to stay for a long, long time.

Now, back to the main point where I mentioned that there is something missing in the video marketing strategy. Nowadays, in the results-oriented scenario, it has become very difficult to clearly define the goals and work towards attaining the same. You get a project, you do some research, get some resources and…snap!  Your video has been created. However, the one thing missing here is…

A Well Planned Video Marketing Strategy:

It is ineluctable to understand the importance of planning in your video marketing strategy. The consequences of a video without a proper planned strategy lead to failure, or some weird situation where the video goes viral without any direction. From the scratch to its launch, a video has to be guided in a well-planned manner so as to get the optimum results. A well planned strategy would include:

  • Understanding Business Goals
  • Define the targeted audience
  • Define the promotional strategy
  • Define the audience demographic
  • Create video which matches the business goals

Let us now understand what a video strives to achieve for you which could be termed as the goal of the video creation process:

  • Build your Brand: Video is a wonderful way to improve your brand reputation. The fact that it depicts the various aspects of the business and its activities through visuals makes it well-suited for marketing.
  • Conversions: Again, video serves the purpose of improving the conversion rate if it has been created keeping in mind the needs of the target audience.
  • Snippets: These could prove to be a valuable asset for your SEO goals, driving traffic to the specific pages where you want to drive it. The CTR would be higher than organic results. You could self-host your videos and submit a video sitemap in order to get rich snippets.

A completely understandable Video SEO Strategy should incorporate the above mentioned goals. You should plan to create the video to attain each of these goals. There will be some obstructions where various questions will arise, but proper planning will help you in designing a perfect strategy.

Here’s why people are more inclined towards video than any other online content:

  • Human touch: People can relate to the videos if they hear a human voice giving out the information on them. It also makes your video content more appealing.
  • Motion: Rather than putting their eyes in motion to read a lengthy article, humans tend to see the visuals in motion and pay attention to the same subject for longer.
  • Information: Nowadays, people are more dependent on the Internet to derive all the required information. Thus, it becomes easy for us to encapsulate all the information into a single video and present it to the audience.

Video is the best content marketing tool that I have witnessed. Try to incorporate a video marketing strategy in your online marketing campaign. It is not only about getting your name online, in fact, it helps you in building relationships and earn trust. It makes your message loud and clear in the most efficient manner. If you are looking for more advice about video marketing contact

The Value Proposition of a Video-Newsletter Program

So how does a small business, even one that’s done the one-time here’s-our-company video, manage to consistently get new search-optimized video content out the door? You do it by letting your customers know what’s latest and greatest at your business by publishing video-newsletters.

Local businesses have been sending out newsletters for hundreds of years, from parchment to postal service to email. Video-newsletters have the same intent; to let existing customers know all the new and interesting things you have to offer them in order to keep them coming back to buy more. And of course ideally they’ll tell their friends and family about what your business has going on in terms of new products or services, sales and promotions, your community or charity activities.

So what are the tentacles a video-newsletter can use to reach out with its easily-digested visual information?

Video Play Pages

First are video play pages for every video-newsletter, fully-optimized for deep indexing and rich snippets generation in Google search results. These individual pages can rank on their own in the main Google search results and in the Google Videos index, too.

Each time you add a new video-newsletter on its own video play page it contributes to your website’s overall ranking criteria. Google is always checking to see if there’s fresh material on your site, so consistently publishing optimized video-newsletters is an ideal ‘content marketing’ tactic. Over time, your website can build up a whole video section replete with video-newsletters, plus any other video content you create.

Video-newsletters are ideal for posting on your Facebook Business Page, your Google+ Business Page and Google Local / Maps Page, and even on Twitter.


Another sticky tentacle is e-mail. Based on a key assumption that today’s video and mobile device oriented customers are not as likely to read lengthy passages of static text, then the e-mail newsletter is the perfect vehicle in which to deliver a video-newsletter.

Video-newsletters can also work as a solid conversion tool, meaning a viewer can be linked from a video-newsletter right to a web page that provides an offer, a coupon, an e-mail form. You can track real business being done and leads being generated.

From an understanding of the breadth of local online marketing activity that can theoretically be done, to the narrow width of time small business owners actually have to tackle it, running a hands-on video-newsletter program on one’s own is just not in the cards. Remember how gung-ho people got with blogging only to see it peter out after a spell? This new customer communications tool is going to need specialty skills and a dedicated, on-going effort to make it pay off.

The fact remains that if a local business cares about the importance of being highly visible on Google and understands that consistently adding quality content to its web and social media sites is a core driver to get there . . . and that today’s consumers are consuming online video at an extraordinary rate of growth . . . then a permanent video-newsletter program makes perfect sense. If you like to start a video newsletter campaign we can help you throughout, for SME’s we have developed an exiting new product that we will launch in September and will include affordable pre-packaged commercials that can be personalised to your business. If you like to know more get intouch

April 2013 comScore: Ads Continue to Explode

April was essentially the same as March when it comes to the overall numbers.  Ads continued to rise, as we saw more than 13.2 billion ads last month, a new record that displaces the one just set the previous month.  The overall viewing and engagement scores stayed virtually the same, with some sites seeing slightly less action and some sites seeing slightly more.  Anyway, these ads are blowing up, and this is something we should see increase every month this year if all the reports are to be believed when it comes to ad buying.

April 2013 comScore Video Metrix

No change in the top 3 for this month as “Google Sites,” Facebook, and VEVO all continue to take those positions.  There has been a shifting between the 4-6 sites, though:

April 2013 comScore: Ads Continue to Explode

Last month, Viacom was 5th, NDN was 6th, and Yahoo! was 4th.  They all have pretty much the same amount of unique viewers, but it looks like NDN (News Distribution Network) has a decided edge on the total minutes for viewer.  In fact, it’s 2nd among all of these sites.  It has been 2nd for awhile, but something worth pointing out.  Nothing new hit the top 10 for unique viewers.

In the ad department:

April 2013 comScore: Ads Continue to Explode

The aforementioned NDN also makes an appearance in the top 10 of the viewed ads chart.  The total amount of ads increased by about 70,000, we saw about 100 more minutes of ads, and they now reach 52.6 percent of the audience.  These stats continue an incredible uptick from earlier in the year.

April 2013 comScore: Ads Continue to Explode

The top 5 saw no change.  Machinima continues to work their way down this list after being in the top 5 forever, but they are still far and away the kings of total overall engagement, as their videos are watched for more than an hour by each viewer.  No other network has that kind of stat.  The closest is Maker at nearly 50 minutes.  Still, whether it’s a new way of assessing data at comScore, or some other reason, Machinima used to command about an hour and a half per viewer.

Coming out of nowhere this month is The Orchard.  They were 9th in January, 10th in February, MIA in March, and they earned 6th in April with over 23 million unique viewers.

I’m sure we’re going to keep seeing the ad explosion over the course of the year.  That will be the biggest story coming out of these rankings in 2013.

Peek of the Week!

Stock video production for our inhouse library ReeldealHD covering the simple life, bringing us back to the basics. Enjoying the little things in life with friends and family… we called it LIVELIFE based on our creative trendresearch;

Global populations are shifting and becoming more diverse. Technology has ushered in a new era, transforming behaviors around how and when we connect with others and how we live our lives. Environmental and financial concerns, meanwhile, have helped solidify a new set of priorities for most that emphasize the importance of relationships, community and the planet. As these and other changes increasingly impact our lives, supporting visuals must quickly adapt to accurately reflect the human experience. Unnatural, posed shots of groups and individuals are giving way to candid imagery that provides a glimpse of modern day life: everything from the unique to the imperfect, the emotions and the experiences that ring with the utmost authenticity.

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