Peek of the Week – Top Ten Ads on YouTube for September 2013

#10 Old Spice | Snow Globe (803,488 Views)

#9 Colin Kaepernick vs. Russell Wilson: Eyebrow vs. Eyebrow (1,154,180 Views)

#8 Key & Peeles Is My S**T: Key & Peele (1,166,759 Views)

#7  GoDaddy Presents – The Baker featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme (1,971,748 Views)

#6 Opt Out – The Exam – Creepy Uncle Sam  (2,009,479 Views)

#5 FIFA 14 TV Commercial – We Are FIFA 14 (5,367,797 Views)

#4 The Scarecrow – Chipotle (6,757,284 Views)

#3 Girls Don’t Poop – (11,195,440 Views)

#2 Ultra Reality: What would you do in this situation? – LG Meteor Prank (11,517,750 Views)

#1 Moto X “Lazy Phone” Ad — Touchless Control (15,115,902 Views)

The YouTube Ads Leaderboard for September 2013 is determined by organic views, paid views

Peek of the week – Playtime

Peek of the week is full of play with the very nice Google play video

Dollar shave man is taking on mr Old spice

Guiness St patricks day commercial by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London

Beautiful shot music video from Marina and the Diamonds:

and Mercedes goes invisible

Old spice, new spice in co branding

The Old Spice videos have had huge success over the past few years, gaining the brand enormous recognition and increasing sales. Each new transformation of the campaign is received by a loyal customer following and industry interest. The latest is no different. Old Spice and Proctor & Gamble have teamed up to create co-branded campaigns featuring Old Spice’s Terry Crews and the brands Bounce and Charmin.

The body spray’s “Smell is Power” campaign takes Old Spice to new levels by invading the somewhat quiet and unimposing campaigns for Bounce and Charmin. Since launching, the Bounce video has received over 4million views on YouTube,  gaining both awareness and loyalty for both brands.

View the Bounce video here:

View the Charmin Freshmates video here: