Peek of the Week – Xbox One vs Playstation 4

Playstation 4 The Players since 1995” Commercial

Those who have owned three generations of PlayStation consoles are going to like Sony’s latest commercial. The video game giant’s latest promo for the PS4 takes a trip down memory lane and is titled “The Players since 1995.” It features the evolution of a gamer growing up with the PlayStation, starting in 1995 with the original PS1 console. In the first scene, the dude — presumably from London — pops a disc into his PlayStation, which is hooked up to an old-school tube TV that sits on top of a VCR player. The famed intro music plays, as two buddies buddy duke it out on Tekken. From there, Sony shows three more versions of his room — once with the PS2, then with the PS3, and finally with the yet-to-be-released PS4.
The battle of the game giants Xbox One and Playstation 4 has began since the release of both consoles. This one is sure to hit home for PlayStation fans.

The new Xbox One commercial, titled ‘Perfect Girlfriend,’ takes a very different (and American) approach and the content of the ad has some gamers scratching their heads. The latest ad seems targeted at people who have absolutely no intention of buying an Xbox One anytime soon. It’s another piece of the Xbox One marketing campaign that’s targeted towards casual gamers, an audience Microsoft has seemed to court from the very beginning with its “TV TV TV SPORTS TV COD” reveal presentation back in May. Here’s the new Xbox One commercial “Perfect Girlfriend:

As one YouTube commenter delicately put it “great. now my girlfriend can interrupt everything I’m doing just by talking.” If this is supposed to make me want an Xbox One it does the opposite. Here’s guy just chilling and watching TV when his girlfriend walks over and starts yammering at the Xbox One. Boom. TV off, Xbox on and that’s that. Seems like an inconsiderate and annoying feature. The message and tone of the ad are a strange one. I would think now would be the time to blast out some gameplay heavy, nerd-centric ads designed to draw over some last second holdouts or those who tried (and failed) to get a PS4 at launch but just HAVE to have a next-gen console ASAP. This ad will do very little to sell Xbox One consoles to the people who might actually buy one in the next few weeks, but at least your mom will think it’s cute, right?



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