95% of creatives in the U.S. use stock visuals in their work [Survey]

Graphic Design USA’s 27th annual Stock Visual Reader Survey has revealed that 95% of creatives in the U.S. use stock visuals to some extent in their work.


In 1986 only 34% of creatives used stock, but there has been a steady year-to-year rise in its use reaching 95% in 2010.


It goes without saying that creatives today work in and across multiple media. Not surprisingly, they license stock in and across multiple media as well. Print remains the number one medium for stock is licensed, and other print-related media such as point-of-sale and packaging also generate lots of stock usage. But, of course, stock elements for online design continue to soar and motion graphics, such as film, video and television make their presence felt.


Client feedback encouraged stock agencies not be afraid to move into multi-media images mixing photography, video images with graphics. This is apparently something  they only dreamed about but would like to see become reality.


Istock recently produced a video promoting video content amongst designers and marketeers: 

Are you looking for contemporary stock video for your next project? ReeldealHD has a premium collection of over 6000 HD Royalty free lifestyle and business clips ready for licensing, and Greenscreenfilms a further 500 for unique projects. Feel free to contact us now.



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