Peek of the Week

The paradox of a fast food company producing creative content that berates the idea of Big Agriculture hasn’t stopped the latest video ad from Chipotle from going super viral. Since its upload to YouTube on the 11th September it has already amassed (at time of writing) 6,414,154 views, 42,360 likes! and attracted the type of engagement and buzz that many established brands can only dream of. The story of ‘The Scarecrow’ is a breathtakingly beautiful animation that follows our subject as he navigates the horror that is factory farming in the 21st Century. I say navigates but this no PETA inspired gorefest, the images are gentle and heartbreaking but they only hint at the real story. There’s nothing here to scare the horses;

Created by CAA Marketing and the Oscar-winning animation team at Moonbot Studios, the video takes the  viewer behind the scenes of Crow Foods Inc where cows and chickens are confined, brutalised and processed. All the while singer Fiona Apple serenades us with a haunting rendition of the Tony Newley/Willy Wonka classic “Pure Imagination”. Our Scarecrow becomes so disillusioned he hotfoots it back to the country where he creates his own version of simple, homely fare using Chipotle products.

Chipotle are gaining a reputation for trying to raise food processing standards acrossing the industry. Once heavily invested in by McDonalds (oh, the irony) they announced earlier this year that they wanted to become the first chain of U.S. restaurants to ban GMO ingredients from its menu. The new video campaign, released along with its own app and website is set to become of the most memorable of 2013.

Another nice peek of the week is the new Partizan produced clip for Gillete directed by Academy Award-winner Michel Gondry in collaboration with Phil Mossman from LCD Soundsystem.  Watch NFL players in a musical experiment.

Last but not least we also like to share with you our latest commercial produced for our client Simply Business UK;


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