UK Broadcaster 4oD Rolls Out Personalized Video Ads

Vauxhall has become the first advertiser to adopt Channel 4′s new digital ad product Adapt. The UK arm of General Motors will promote its new city car Adam.

The new format enables advertisers to serve an alternative bespoke creative to different viewers registered with based upon their age and gender.

The broadcaster already holds a database of 8.5 million and reaches one in three of the UK’s 16-24 year olds.

Viewers will be served either a male or female version of the ad’s interactive features based on their registration data. The female creative contains a personality quiz feature and also a competition link. The male creative consists of a car colour palette, allowing users to visualise the car in a range of different colours, as well as video elements.

David Amodio, Digital and Creative, Channel 4 said: “This is great example of Channel 4 bringing together our viewer data strategy alongside our innovative suite of 40D ad formats to offer advertisers the chance to target the right audiences with impactful and engaging creative.”

Matthew Eagle, Carat, said: “Channel 4 are leading the way in ad innovation across the VOD platform, with highly engaging advertising formats. The Adapt targeting format will enable clients to move into a space with data driven targeting at the heart, allowing us to continue our mission to drive real business value for our clients that use it.”

Eight digital ad products are currently running on 4oD including Ad Pause, Ad Extend, Ad Link, Ad Mix and Ad Bloom.

Catch up service 4oD is currently available online at as well as YouView, Virgin Media, BT Vision, Sky, Freesat Free Time, Samsung Connected TV, YouTube, iOS and Android mobiles and tablets, PS3 and XBox.Channel-4-4oD-606x293


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