Case study – Meet any the girl who could flly [Dell]

Meet Annie: The girl who could fly.” Published on the Dell Vlog channel on July 20, 2012, this video currently has 3,032,581 views.

This is the tale of a PC brand struggling to stand out in a sea of sameness. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference; that’s what the team at Y&R New YorkDellGorgeous/Anonymous Content, and Work Post, were up against. Dell was a brand that lacked an emotional connection with parents – an audience Dell had all the credibility in the world to bond with. Trouble was, parents didn’t know what Dell stood for; the team needed to find a compelling way to evoke emotion and build a meaningful relationship, and in turn, favorability for the brand.

The strategy: leverage Dell’s ongoing commitment to education and celebrate moments when learning becomes real. This story-driven campaign, directed at parents but told from the point of view of children and the way they see the world, came to life around the globe in all media channels. Technology is the heart and soul of the little tale of the Girl Who Could Fly. Annie is inspired by technology and empowered by technology. It’s the tool that brought learning to life and let her soar.

Ultimately the campaign drove double-digit growth in PC units sold and improved perceptions of the Dell brand. Not only did the team move brand metrics from “meh” to “yah” they also increased sales of hero units sold in every market where they aired this ad. The story of Annie had a full arc: an underdog to root for, a non-believer to prove wrong and what parent doesn’t hope to see their child soar? On top of that, the cinematic quality of the film made the spot feel more like a piece of art than an ad.



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