UMG Overtakes VEVO To Become Most Popular UK YouTube Partner Channel in the UK

Britons surfing the web via PC remained strong at 44.6m unique users, with video consumption growing slightly month on month.

  • On-network mobile browsing was the story in April with an overall month on month increase of almost 3% to 28m, with daily visitors increasing 10% to almost 11m.

UMG swapped places with VEVO to become the top UK YouTube partner channel, whilst IODA dropped out of the top 10 ranking, being replaced by The Orchard.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 14.14.28

This month’s demographic spotlight is on high income households. To a degree, usage reflected what was happening in the UK at large:

  • The political category indexed as the most visited content type for the group. Local elections driving visitation to BBC News Politics, Guardian Politics, HuffPost Politics and in particular. Broader interest in the economy was also reflected with a strong showing for
  • Interest in family matters was demonstrated with Education-Information being the second most visited category, with Education, and all ranking highly within that sector.

Food Retailing is our Multi-Platform spotlight this month and, whilst it is unsurprising to find the major supermarkets dominate, the extent to which on-network mobile browsing adds to their total audience is;

  • Just-Eat achieved a top five position, further demonstrating the increasing usage of mobile in all aspects of consumers’ lives and the growing value of convenience when it comes to food.



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