Adweek’s Video Ads Leaderboard – Top 5 May 2013

Sony and Microsoft stormed Adweek and YouTube’s Ads Leaderboard in May as both companies introduced their next-gen gaming consoles—the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One—in teaser videos. Both of those clips made the top five this month. But they were eclipsed by a teaser for an actual video game, which took the top spot.

Elsewhere on this month’s list, Old Spice nailed down two spots in the top 10 for the second straight month. And Kmart followed up April’s enormously successful “Ship My Pants” ad with “Big Gas Savings,” which reached less stratospheric but still respectable levels.

Audi of America placed high on this month’s list with its hilarious spot starring Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto. And Cruzan Rum also snuck in with its amusing take on laid-back island life

TOP 5 most watched video ads in may;

#5 Xbox One “Unveil Video” (5.6 million)

New tech, a new all-in-one entertainment system…of course people were curious to see the video showing it off:

#4 Audi: “Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy: The Challenge” (5.8 million)

Capitalizing on the new Star Trek movie, this much-discussed Audi ad was 4th on the list:

#3 Old Spice “Baby” (6.5 million)

Terry Crews and crazy Old Spice crack the top 3 with cracked craziness:

#2 Sony “PlayStation 4” (7.1 million)

This teaser for the new video game system, which pretty much shows nothing and tells you to go to E3 to get a good look, still got lots of people to watch:

#1 Call of Duty “Ghosts Masked Warriors Teaser Trailer” (10.9 million)

Adweek is quick to point out that Call of Duty’s “Ghosts Reveal Trailer” has 13 million views, but it doesn’t recognize “game play trailers” and only live-action ones for some reason.  Strange.  Anyway, anything Call of Duty is going to get huge numbers, and the live-action teaser is no different:


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