Video Styles To Consider when you start with Video

If you consider or using currently video there are endless possibilities. But to find a style or format that works for you we’ve listed 7 examples.

1. Live-Action (shooting video with a personality)

Pros: Can be simple, quick, and cheap. Helps an audience form a human connection to the brand.

Cons: You need a person who is worth connecting to. Not always cheap to produce because if it’s used to its fullest extent, it can become expensive. If done poorly, it can have the opposite effect and reflect poorly on your brand.

2. Screencasts (images with audio narration)

Pros: Really simple to do. Really only require a computer for screen capture software and a microphone. Doesn’t take a lot of time to create and edit.

Cons: A limited amount of products and services can use this. Mostly tutorials and walk-throughs of products and services, especially if they’re web-based.

3. Motion Graphics (kinetic text, animated videos)

Pros: Can communicate a lot and keep audiences engaged. A higher level of perceived credibility and professionalism. Quick and straight to the point.

Cons: Time-consuming to create. Hiring someone who can do it can make it expensive, although not as expensive as live-action when you do live action “well.”

4. Behind the Scenes (following a photographic shoot other event)

Pros: Keep audiences engaged and gives them a feeling to be part of the experience.

Cons: Being used a lot now, and its just not the real thing viewers rather watch a video specially created for them.

5. Live Streaming

Pros: Highly engaging. Allows interaction with the audience. No need for expensive equipment, especially with Google+ Hangouts on Air and the YouTube live streaming feature that is being rolled out to everyone.

Cons: If you want to “go for it,” it can get expensive. You need an existing audience to make it worthwhile.

6. Greenscreen (presenter against green backdrop that can be customised in post production)

Pros: Can be used on any and small locations, using a greenscreen, and is extremely flexable, background can be any colour or image/logo and combined with strong graphics it can work very well.

Cons: Could be perceived as static and if to long will get boring.

7. Slideshows

Just don’t do these. Photos are photos. We want video!

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