Hated GoDaddy Super Bowl Ads Increase Hosting Sales 45 Percent

The two Super Bowl ads that GoDaddy ran this year were roundly chastised for being stupid, immature, silly and just plain dumb. Well the last laugh is on the haters because those two ads delivered GoDaddy its biggest sales day in the history of the company.

According to the company, domain registration were up 40 percent, hosting sales were up 45 percent and mobile customer jumped 35 percent.

Take that, haters!

One of GoDaddy’s ads, Perfect Match, featured supermodel Bar Refaeli sucking face with a geek. Another, YourBigIdea, highlighted would be entrepreneurs mocking the need to immediately register a domain.

The reason these ads worked is simple. They were perfectly matched to the target audience. Registering a domain and dealing with a hosting company rests, for the most part, squarely with low level IT professionals who are mostly male. Silly bathroom humor plays quite well with this audience. It’s really that simple.

There are many companies with whom one can register a domain. When the boss asks the geek to register several new domains, which registrar do you think the geek will select? The one he remembers most. And these ads are memorable. Stupid, maybe, but memorable.

And that’s all that really matter.


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