Mobile Video Viewing Expected to Lead the Way in 2013

eMarketer predicts massive growth in mobile video viewing next year. That means it’s time to really start making sure you’re targeting those mobile devices or you might be missing out on a large section of your audience with the right type of content.

According to eMarketer’s US Digital Media Usage: A Snapshot of 2013, there is expected to be some major growth in video viewing on mobile devices. The trend of larger screens, stronger processors and better, faster mobile data coverage is the cause. That, probably coupled with people starting to replace those older phones with video-capable phones, is what is going to drive the increase.

In the snapshot report they predict some 73.3 million mobile video viewers which breaks down to 22.9% of the US population and 29.6% of mobile phone users. That, they say, is a 19.8% jump over this year. Those viewing video on smartphones are expected to be in the 70.8 million range, up 21.8% from this year. That means the vast majority, 96.6%, of mobile video viewers will have smartphones, and that means you can use that to your advertising and marketing advantage.

Overall, it looks like a good year coming up for online video viewing regardless of device. Targeting those mobile users will definitely be key to continued advertising and marketing success because they are going to be consuming more and more video views and there are certain things unique to mobile users, for example, they’re mobile and location-based targeting could be vital to converting them to customers, etc. Definitely click the link up at the beginning and check out the rest of the report because there are some other interesting predictions like 189.6 million online shoppers, 80.9 million social gamers and 164.2 million social network users.



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