Programmatic Buying Key to Integrated TV and Online Video Ad Campaigns according to Adapt TV Report put out their latest State of the Video Industry 2012 survey for Q4 Just last year, when it was TV vs. Online Video for all the ad dollars? Well, that’s not the case any longer and now it’s all about integrating the two into a cohesive and successful campaign.

Q4 2012 State of the Video Ad Industry: Methodology:

A survey of 700 digital marketing and media professionals was conducted in October 2012 on current attitudes and practices regarding digital video advertising. Participants were contacted via email, and asked to take an online survey. Participants were first asked to identify their companies as brands, agencies, trading desks, publishers, ad networks or DSPs. They then answered a survey of roughly 20 questions regarding their perceptions and practices relating to the buying and selling of digital video advertising. Some of these cohorts were later combined in some cases in the subsequent analysis when they were asked the same question and we didn’t find revealing differences in their answers. In other cases, results were cross-tabbed, to identify differences in each constituents’ viewpoints and practices, as a way of identifying industry disconnects that could hold back the emerging digital video advertising market, or reveal opportunities to improve everyone’s overall satisfaction and ROI.

TV and Online Video Complement Each Other

Whoa! Stop the presses! TV and online video ad campaigns are now being aligned with each other? That seems to be the case as the majority of respondents said that online video should be more aligned with TV than with display advertising. It seems that the industry is catching on to that whole “it’s actually video” thing. In fact, this year the largest budget hit to make room for online video advertising, was display which saw a 37% reduction in spending moved to video. Second on the hit list to pay for video? Print, followed by broadcast TV which saw a 27% reduction.

97% of respondents said that online video ad budgets increased and it averaged out to a 27% bump for it. They’re predicting that it could see another 20% increase for next year as well. Good news for content creators who are looking to monetize by showing ads against their library. Cable did hold out fairly well this year though with just a 13% drop and the old reliables of search and direct response maintained most of their budgets instead of handing it over to video.

So broadcast took a hit, cable didn’t really, but the major thing I think to take away, is the fact that 58% believe that they are going to be planning TV and online video ad campaigns together, a 10% rise from Q1. There’s definitely been a change in the winds it seems. In fact, 67% believe online video to be a direct complement to TV. It’s also predicted that 80% of all ad buyers will be planning TV and online video together.


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