TED Outlines Formulas for Winning Video Ad Campaigns

For the third year, YouTube has teamed up with TED to support their Ads Worth Spreading initiative, a global search for the 10 most compelling ad campaigns of the year.  The challenge reinforces TED’s overall mission of “ideas worth spreading” and YouTube’s belief in connecting brand’s ads with the people that will love them the most.

To help answer the question of what makes ads great, today TED released a report summarizing the findings from Ads Worth Spreading to date.  These are based on formulas behind winning video ad campaigns. A few thing that according to the report that makes video advertising stand out are:

  1. Story telling and focus on idea driving ads

  2. Continuing the conversation on multiple-platforms

  3. Pointing the ad and brand in the right direction keeping in mind brand’s cultural heritage

  4. Be brave and incorporate good causes and ideals.

As examples for this emerging outlook, these ads were singled out for having a single character telling a simple story, starting with Prudential’s “Day One: Linda – Droga5:”

Mazda’s “Defy Convention:”

Sharpie’s “Start with Sharpie:”


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