Video marketing rises, more businesses use YouTube

A report from eMarketer found that YouTube use by businesses is on the rise, with video marketing becoming a valuable engagement and awareness strategy. According to the study, 36 percent of businesses currently include YouTube within their content marketing campaigns, creating and sharing custom videos to highlight their brands.

YouTube has seen substantial growth as a marketing tool in recent years. In 2010, eMarketer pegged YouTube adoption as part of web marketing at 22 percent and this rose to 29 percent in 2011. Moreover, eMarketer believes adoption will continue its ascent, rising to 43 percent by the end of 2014.

Video’s value for marketers, especially on YouTube, comes from both the engaging element of the medium and the massive audience available on YouTube. Brafton recently highlighted a report from AYTM Market Research that found 95 percent of consumers first turn to YouTube when looking for video content.

Moreover, people use YouTube to watch content typically paired with pre-roll ads, which marketers can use to drive traffic to their sites. Brafton recently reported that Americans viewed 11 billion video ads on the web in June.

Use of social media sites for social networking—a somewhat broader category that adds services like YouTube to the mix, where creating a profile and interacting via status updates are not the main draw—is slightly more prevalent, at 89% of marketers this year. The most popular site for such activities is, unsurprisingly, Facebook, with 83% of all companies expected to use the site for marketing this year. Twitter is in a fairly distant second place, at 53%, but is expected to grow more robustly to 64% of marketers by 2014.

YouTube will continue to trail other sites in its popularity among marketers, primarily because of its greater appeal to specific industries where video can do the most to show off products. Still, by 2014, more than two-fifths of companies included in the forecast will be using the video-sharing site for marketing purposes.

eMarketer forms its estimates of marketers using social media sites based on the analysis of survey and tracking data from various research firms; industry-specific adoption trends of social network marketing tools; and consumer social network adoption trends.

US Companies Using Select Social Media Sites for Marketing Purposes, 2010-2014 (% of total)

US Companies Using Social Networks for Marketing Purposes, 2009-2014 (% of total)



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