Mobile Video Ad Impressions Triple At YuMe; Launches New Video Format

As mobile video consumption skyrockets, the medium has become a hotbed for innovation in ad formats. The number of worldwide mobile video views should nearly triple from 108 billion last year to 280 billion this year, according to Strategy Analytics.

Mirroring the growth, video ad network YuMe has rolled out a new mobile video format that allows for additional interactive enhancements in mobile video ads. The company also said it will now enable tablet-only campaigns for marketers to take advantage of the boon in that venue.

The new mobile ad format is called mobile-flip and it works on both Apple and Android devices, as well as tablets and phones. Elizabeth Arden, GlaxoSmithKline, and American Greetings have launched campaigns in the last week using the format that allows users to swipe or flip between two views of an ad or video, tap to receive more information, or even to place an order via the mobile ad. The Elizabeth Arden spot allows viewers to watch more videos or locate a store, while the GlaxoSmithKline ad for Tums provides options for coupons.

Ed Haslam, senior VP marketing at YuMe:

It’s not just a static impression or a single pre-roll, but the chance for brands to get higher interaction and engagement rates,

YuMe has seen increases in brand lift when marketers apportion some of a TV budget to online video, and expects mobile video units to also boost brand awareness for multiplatform campaigns. “With a campaign that leverages both platforms, from a brand recall standpoint, we’re seeing at least 35 percent increase, and from a message recall standpoint, we’re seeing a 44 to 45 percent increase over single-platform ads such as TV alone.

Haslam added that six months ago about 1% to 3% of total impressions on the YuMe network were for mobile video. Now that figure is closer to 5% to 10%.


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