Top Five YouTube Partner Channels Drive Nearly 1.5 Billion Monthly Streams

May 2012 marks the first month that Nielsen is publicly reported streaming measurement on thousands of YouTube partners. The top five YouTube Partner channels, led by Vevo, Warner Music Group and Machinima, combined for nearly 1.5 billion total streams. YouTube provides content creators with tools and programs to improve their skills, build their audiences, and monetize their videos.

To put this into context, YouTube continues to be the top online video destination in the U.S. with over 136 million unique viewers who streamed 16 billion videos during May 2012.

Top 5 YouTube Partner Channels Ranked on Unique U.S. Viewers – May 2012 (Total)
YouTube Partner
Unique Viewers (000) Total Streams (000)
1. Vevo* 41,362 694,907
2. WMG 22,894 172,985
3. Machinima 17,625 429,962
4. Fullscreen 12,484 79,761
5. Maker 9,655 93,588
Read as: During May 2012, 41.4 million unique U.S. viewers watched video content on Vevo
Source: Nielsen; Totals include content streaming only; it does not include claimed user-generated content

More insights about the top five YouTube Partners:

  • More than half of each channel’s unique viewers were under the age of 35.
  • About 1 in 6 Americans who watched online video during May 2012 streamed video on the WMGYouTube channel (almost 23 million unique viewers).
  • Vevo led the top five partners in total streams (695 million), while Machinima averaged the most streams per viewer, 24 in May 2012.
  • Machinima also captured the highest composition of male viewers (62.6%), while others hovered closer to a 50/50 female/male split.
  • Fullscreen and Vevo skewed toward a slightly older demographic, as 15.3 and 15.7 percent of their viewers are 50 years or older, respectively.
  • Maker drew 9.7 million unique viewers who averaged nearly ten streams per viewer.

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