Peek of the Week – YouTube’s 5 Most-Shared Ads in May

1. Nike Football: My Time is Now.

If you spend the money, they’ll share the ad. That formula certainly applies here. The video is laden with superstar athletes from soccer and beyond and does a great job of communicating Nike’s message: wear our shoes and you can compete at the same level as the world’s elite athletes. I’m sold.

2. P&G: London 2012 Olympic Games Film – Best Job

There aren’t many messages that can resonate as strongly as “being a mom is the hardest job in the world. But it’s also the best.”

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Trailer

As video games continue to become more like cinematic experiences, their trailers need to keep up with Hollywood.

4. Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: “Uncle Drew”

Here’s a fantastic idea that hit the right viral tones. The fact that the video and concept was written and directed by Kyrie Irving is even more awesome. After basketball, he may have a future in filmmaking and/or marketing.

5. A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square

TNT went to great lengths here with an elaborate play. Wouldn’t you have pressed the button too?


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