Viddy is the new Instagram for video with 1 million new users every day a game-changer

Viddy, one of the leading mobile video apps for recording, editing, uploading, and sharing “micro-videos” from your smartphone Android, iOS, or Windows mobile device.

Why should you pay attention to Viddy?  In addition to the fact that mobile video is growing rapidly, so is Viddy.  Just last week they announced that they raised a hefty $30 million from institutional investors in order to grow and bolster its expansion efforts and they are currently seeing more than 1 million new users every day.

Viddy provides a simple way for anyone to capture, produce and post your video.  Benefits include:

  • Limits clips to 15 seconds – this helps with the processing time of added effects and encoding.  It’s kinda like a micro-video blogging tool.
  • Allows over 20 different customizations you can add to your videos.  Just like instagram, the app lets you choose from and apply one of a collection of filters and effects to the video you captured or to video that already exists on your device.
  • Simple social sharing & distribution.  Once you record your segment Viddy directs you to choose your customization and sharing options and from there takes you to screen to choose which social media site you’d like to send your video to.

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