Dolce & Gabbana drives e-commmerce via restyled Youtube channel

Dolce & Gabbana’s restyled YouTube page not only attracts attention to social videos centered around its latest lines and collections, but includes an ecommerce option that drives traffic right back to its online store.

Social video is becoming a popular tactic with luxury brands, but it may be difficult to drive transactions based on them alone. Therefore, adding an ecommerce option to a YouTube page is an easy way to bring consumers to a site to buy apparel and accessories that they just saw in a video.

Mary Elise Chavez, director of creative strategy at Blue Fountain Media, New York.:

In an age where everything and everyone is a brand, nothing is a brand, with this juxtaposition comes an effort from consumer brands to define more genuine ways to interact with consumers.

Dolce & Gabbana’s branded YouTube page allows for a video-infused experience that integrates rich elements of storytelling, timeliness and promotion for ecommerce through stylized banners,” she said. “In an age of multi-platform usage, Dolce & Gabbana creates a high-fashion editorial similar to the likes of Vogue, W, V and Interview magazine.

Brand channel

Dolce & Gabbana relaunched its YouTube page to pick up on the look and feel of the brand world using a sleek aesthetic and clear editorial lines, per the fashion label.

Social shopping
Many luxury brands are using social video to push new collections. For example, Marc Jacobs just released a new menswear video set in a rustic desert Furthermore, brands such as Barneys New York and Gucci are stepping it up by creating shoppable videos on their Web sites. However, not many luxury brands are drawing attention right to ecommerce from their YouTube pages.

In fact, Dolce & Gabbana seems to be trailblazing this phenomenon that is likely to increase ecommerce transactions, especially if consumers just watched a video that gets them in the shopping mood.

“More users are digesting video content over text-based content,” Ms. Chavez said. “Entertain the user and do not make them read if visual content can do a better job at building value.

“Also, integration of key calls-to-action make YouTube that much more powerful in adding ROI tangibility to digital efforts,” she said.


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