Youtube views declining

Many YouTubers are complaining about the new YouTube Original Channels getting preferential treatment, the overall new layout, and more new algorithms for related content. They claim their channels are losing subscribers, views, and most importantly, money. Close to 50% of the top YouTube channels have had their average video views per day drop in the past 14 days (April 26th – May 9th) compared to the previous 14 days (April 12 – April 25). This should not be happening.

Channels that had a decrease in their average video views per day had a drop of  -17%. Worst of all, the impact is falling disproportionately on the most popular, most influential, highest-earning channels — exactly the people YouTube does not want to anger.

Most of YouTube’s prior changes have been very successful.  The current changes, however, are poised to cause a major PR problem and risk alienating their biggest users.  With any luck, YouTube will recognize the issue quickly and work to address it so as to keep these publishers creating fun, humorous, insightful, and entertaining videos and the 200 million investment in google marketing is well needed.


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