Social Video Advertising Views Soar to Record Highs in 2012

People chose to watch ads over 1.3 billion times in Q1 2012, an increase of more than 40% since Q1 2012, and more than 225% since two years ago in Q1 2010. Typically, Q1 generates big numbers because of the Super Bowl, but this year’s significant increase in views demonstrates the speed at which the social video industry is growing.

Invisible Children stole the social video spotlight with its Kony 2012 campaign, while several campaigns from big Super Bowl advertisers also nabbed top spots. Additionally, we’re excited to introduce the creative agency and creative approach categories. Wieden + Kennedy Portland led the creative agency category, and Humor took the most views in creative approaches.

Breaking Down The Study: A Brilliant Start To Social Video in 2012

Here is the graph from Visible Measures, and you can see the past quarter towers over all the others in the past year:

Visible Measures uses only user-generated views to come up with their numbers, called “True Reach,” so an actual person is pressing “play” on these ads and watching them.

Here are the top 5 social video ad campaigns of Q1:

KONY 2012 garnered 172.2 million views, a phenomenon in every way:

Then comes the M&M ad, defying the odds to become the most-watched of the Super Bowl at more than 41 million:

Volkswagen’s much-discussed follow-up to last year’s most-watched Super Bowl ad, “The Force,” in which the company went with a dog/Star Wars hybrid called “The Dog Strikes Back,”, took in more than 37 million:

Volkswagen’s teaser to that ad, “The Bark Side,” adds to this campaign’s views:

It should also be noted that last year’s “The Force,” started getting traction again this year, once again showing that if you make a great piece of content, it can keep giving back.

Rovio’s Angry Birds can’t not make a list, as their ad for the new “Angry Birds: Space” took in around 30.7 million views:

Rounding out the top 5 is another well-covered ad, the Matthew Broderick Honda ad called “Matthew’s Day Off.”  It saw around 25.3 million views:

Overall, tremendous news for video as it continues to expand and create a greater reach.  It can only be encouraging for those brands who are on the fence about video to see these kinds of numbers.



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