Study shows; Video Becomes Most Popular Medium for Branded Content

Video And Branded Content Marketing: It’s Getting Bigger

A new study by ContentWise and the Custom Content Council shows what some of us have become to realize for a while: companies are finding video to be a valuable tool in their business for content marketing.  And of all the resources in content marketing, video is showing the largest increase of any other medium.

Graph, courtesy of

54% of the respondents in this study plan to do more video.  Everything else is either increasing or decreasing slightly, or with no change whatsoever.  A lot of it has to do with the fact that video has room to grow and other digital content areas have basically been maxed out.  There’s not much you can do with e-mail anymore.

But also, with video, with the emergence of all the different networks like YouTube and their tremendous reach is growing because video is uniquely powerful in a way that these other forms of content only wish they could be.  Videos are entertainment, the branding can be non-intrusive if done the correct way, and they sell a brand with sight and sound rather than descriptions or static pictures.

The rise of video that went from being used only slightly in 2009 to more than half the companies feeling the need to get into video or increasing their interest in it within 2 years. It seems branded video’s are going to be big and here to stay.


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