7 Ways Online Video Can Help Small Business

1. YouTube SEO

Showing up at the top of search results is key to directing customers to your products. YouTube is the #2 search engine and showing up in the top of YouTube organic results can be a very powerful tool. Many of our videos show up in the top YouTube search results and as you can see we are now showing up #1 for the term “asset tracking”.

2. Referring Traffic

Visitors don’t just come to your website out of nowhere, so posting videos on YouTube is not only a great way to raise brand awareness but an easy way to drive visitors to your site. Besides our main site (http://www.waspbarcode.com), which has more than a million visits a year, YouTube is the second largest generator for our site traffic.

3. Getting Social  

Using videos is an easy way to build on our social communities because it allows us to show people what we are doing almost instantaneously. In the past year we have generated 3,900 YouTube subscribers.

4. More Engaged Customers

Knowing what peaks your customer’s interest is a great way to make sure your message is getting communicated effectively. We are able to figure out when visitors were disengaging with our videos using YouTube Analytics. This helps us produce videos that lead to a much more engaged prospect.

5. Awards

In the past year we won several video awards that facilitated internal buy-in and enabled management to have confidence in what we are doing. All our videos are created in-house with some help from freelancers.

6. Press & Exposure

Being recognized for the work you’re doing spurs activity around your brand. Our videos have been featured in many online articles, giving online publishers a reason to publish our stories.

7. Inexpensive Advertising

PPC advertising is an important way to have a tightly focused ad direct traffic to your website. YouTube Promoted videos are a very inexpensive way to do this. Our average click per view is $0.15 cents.

On the Rise

Videos are a very effective way of finding new inexpensive audiences. Even though our videos only get a moderate amount of views, they are quality views that allow us to leverage the technology for existing opportunities so that we can grow our business. Videos have increased several metrics on our website and will play a much bigger role in Wasp’s marketing future.



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