Google TV adds “Trending” section with suggestions based on Google search trends

For those of us who haven’t made the leap to Google TV yet, the company is tweaking the experience to lure us into giving it another look.

The Google TV team announced some features today for its TV & Movies app that will make watching TV and movies on Google TV more personal.

The update includes features that allow you to find and watch your favorite TV shows, see what’s playing right now, and save movies to watch later. The coolest feature though is a new “Trending” section that turns Google search trends into TV and movie recommendations for you:

If you’re in the mood for a great new show to watch, check out the new Trending This Week shelf in Shows. These shows are trending on the web based on what we’re seeing in Google Search, and it’s updated every day so you never miss out.

Favorite Channels Google TV 520x291 Google TV adds Trending section with suggestions based on Google search trends

It’s a shame that this feature isn’t in real-time, but I guess a daily update is better than waiting an entire week like the name suggests.

I’d also love to see some Google+ integration make its way into the app, allowing you to share what you’re watching with your friends, as well as what you thought of what you saw.


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