Video Tops in Online Branded Content

Branded content has become increasingly popular with brand marketers as they search for new ways to engage an ad-weary audience. Top on the list? Video.

According to new numbers by Outbrain, 87% of the brand marketers and ad agencies they surveyedcreate branded videos to spread the good word.


96% of those surveyed said they use social media to drive traffic to their branded content. This is up from 88% last year. Paid Search and Display came in a close second with around 75% of the vote. Email didn’t even hit the 50% mark.

Here’s what I found really interesting. When asked how they measured the success of their content, here’s what they said:

Social engagement and sharing tops views and downloads. Let’s think about that. It’s kind of like saying, I don’t care if you read or watch the content I made as long as you share it with friends.

As a content producer, that kinda hurts. Then again, the end goal to all of this is brand recognition, right? So it really doesn’t matter if they watch my funny video as long as they remember my name .

Now look at lead generation and direct sales. They’re barely a blip compared to a social media response. Granted, not all brands are directly selling a product with their content, but it’s still odd to see it so low.

I came up through the world of affiliate marketing where it was all about the sales. I write compelling content with links, the reader wants what I’m selling, he clicks the link and buys and that’s success. In this new system, simply sharing my article with a friend would have been enough for most marketers.

I understand that sales can be hard to track through social media, but we’re talking content here. We’re talking videos and blog posts, both of which can have direct links to products.

I think both direct sales and content sharing are important. Take a Pinterest pin board. Customers click your link and buy, that’s money in your pocket. Customers who share are introducing your brand to more potential customers, also a win.

And speaking of Pinterest, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the “Photo Gallery” choice on the top graph moved into 3rd place or even 2nd a year from now. Photo galleries are the new blog posts, don’t ya know.


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