The Most Shared Online Video Ads in February

Super Bowl commercials unsurprisingly dominate February’s Global Ads Chart. Over half of last month’s top 20 were launched during the so-called ‘greatest show on Earth’ or as part of the pre-match build-up.

  1. Megaupload – Megasong – 444,100
  2. Mars/M&M – Sexy and I Know It – 418,425
  3. Volkswagen – The Dog Strikes Back – 191,718
  4. Volkswagen – The Bark Side – 109,642
  5. Google – Valentine’s Day Google Doodle – 93,721
  6. Honda – Matthew’s Day Off – 80,299
  7. H&M OFFICIAL David Beckham Bodywear for H&M – 79,368
  8. Old Spice Bounce – 76,008
  9. Audi Vampire Party – 56,092
  10. Coca-Cola Si Lemhaf – 55,122
  11. Chipotle – Back to the Start – 52,176
  12. Ecotricity – Collapsing Cooling Towers – 51,071
  13. Budweiser – Flash Fans – 50,120
  14. Chrysler – Halftime in America – 48,233
  15. Chevrolet – Chevy Silverado – 46,665
  16. Acura – Transactions – 38,533
  17. Kia – A Dream Car. For Real Life – 35,111
  18. Corning – A Day Made of Glass 2 – 34,998
  19. Vooray – Human Slingshot Slip and Slide – 34,656
  20. Volkswagen – The Force – 29,889

You only need to look at Volkswagen’s ‘The Force’ to see how advertising around a big event can sustain a campaign and amplify brand awareness. The much-loved Passat commercial, launched in the build-up to Super Bowl 2011, is the most shared ad of all time – and still going strong at number 20 in February’s chart.

Sure, Volkswagen and its agency partner, Deutsch, may not have enjoyed the same runaway success this year, with M&Ms’ ‘Sexy And I Know It’ attracting more shares than VW’s ‘The Bark Side’ and ‘The Dog Strikes Back’ combined, but the battle for the Super Bowl is in overtime.

Fuelled by the exponential rise of Twitter and Facebook, the Super Bowl is no longer a one night slug-fest for ads vying to be the talk around the water cooler the following morning. Brands are now in it for the long haul.

The commercial created by BBDO, New York, and launched during the Super Bowl itself, attracted an impressive 418,425 shares in February, making it the second most shared ad last month behind Megaupload’s controversial and star-studded music video ‘Megasong’.

Other Super Bowl commercials to make it on to February’s top 20 include an H&M spot featuring David Beckham in his underwear, an Audi ad inspired by the teen vampire movie Twilight, a Chevrolet commercial that depicts the end of the world and Chrysler’s high controversial ‘Halftime in America’, which features Clint Eastwood.

Google also attracted a lot of love for its ‘Valentine’s Day Google Doodle’, a cute cartoon which features a boy’s desperate attempts to woo the girl of his dreams using the search engine, while Old Spice once again proved there really is life without Isaiah Mustafa with its explosive ad ‘Bounce’, created by Wieden+Kennedy and starring Terry Crews.

But it is not just big brands that feature in February’s top 20. London ad agency Man+Hatchet somehow managed to make collapsing cooling towers cute in its brilliant spot for Ecotricity, which encourages UK citizens to dump their usual energy suppliers in favour of greener and cleaner alternatives.

The ad was launched on February 7 and attracted over 51,000 shares last month, making it the 12th most shared ad during February.


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