Social video is up and up according to Visible Measures rapport

Social Video is up and up

For the report, Visible Measures looked mostly at their own data, which is pretty immense, but they left out any paid-placement performance data from campaigns they’d worked on. The average campaign got 765,000 views!

Everything about this report is pretty positive on the future of social video. Total campaigns are up, companies participating are up, viewcounts are up, spending is up. And that should be no surprise. Brands are evolving beyond simple video advertising, turning increasingly toward content-as-advertising. By creating engaging and entertaining ad content, they’re able to increase it’s sharability, and therefore it’s view count.

To date, for as long as there has been data until now, there have been 5.6 billion video views. That’s a lot, but it’s a mostly-fluffy number for me. Surely there were social video campaigns before we started measuring them… we just didn’t know enough to call them social video campaigns. But nevertheless, it’s still a huge number, and only covers a few years.

Over 500 campaigns earned a million views or more, and another 1,800 hit 100,000 or more. One in every twelve campaigns hit a million or more views, which leads me to my next point…

The average branded social video campaign garnered 765,000 views in 2011. All but the most ambitious of brands would call that number a success. Two years ago, the average social video campaign grabbed only 460,000 views. The average number of views is going up… for now.

As more and more brands race to get in on the action, the odds of success are going to go down. There will be much more competition in two years than there is right now.

Humor sells

Humor is the most popular choice for style of social video campaign, with over 860 brands going that route. It was also the most-liked by audiences, grabbing 770 million views:

Spoofs, Celebs & Icons, and Contests are more consistently successful, a great number of the other categories surely had campaigns that, while “musical” or “animated,” were also focused on humor.

But that’s not the point. In fact, there’s a really great argument to be made for splitting out spoofs–it’s like  its own little sub-category of Humor anyway, and data like this can be an extremely helpful guide when brands are choosing what creative approach to use for their own campaign.

The Auto Industry Is Winning The Social Video Race

Automotive brands are running away with all the ribbons and trophies in the social video Olympics. They grabbed a stunning 265 million views–averaging 910,000 per campaign. Apparel and Accessories was the second most active type of brand in social video in 2011, with 213 million views and an average of 1 million per campaign.

The most effective industry? The cell phone industry, which averaged over 2 million views per campaign. People really love smart phones, apparently.

The top performing campaigns, however, were released on Thursday:

Unsurprisingly, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday proved to be the worst days to launch, as judged by performance.

The data suggests that certain months, or certain seasons of the year may have greater social video potential than others. Many of the top campaigns were released in January, February, and March:

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