Stock Footage Market Estimated At $394 Million

ACSIL and Thriving Archives Team Up Again to Survey the Footage Licensing Business. Results of ACSIL Global Survey 2 Highlight Revenue Growth, Increased Digitization, Greater Productivity and Shifts in Customer Demand.

The Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors (ACSIL) and Thriving Archives announced the release of the ACSIL Global Survey of Stock Footage Companies 2 (AGS2). The AGS2  isa comprehensive examination of current business conditions within today’s footage industry, providing strategic, action-oriented information and insights to footage industry leaders.

“Assessing the overall health and well being of the footage industry was our top research priority,” said David Seevers, Thriving Archives Founder and President. “Based on the performance of the 73 companies in our sample group, the footage industry appears to be in stable condition. Total industry revenue has increased since 2007 and is now estimated at $394 million per year.”

The Evolution of Footage Licensing

A great deal has changed within the stock footage industry since their latest research in 2007.

For example:

  • The standard transaction paradigm is evolving from a rights-managed model to a rights-managed/royalty-free hybrid and both the demand for and supply of HD footage are on the rise.
  • Digital technology continues to drive shifts in the management, presentation and delivery of footage to the end user.  
  • Broadcast-quality digital holdings are increasing and more companies are seeing the light at the end of the digitization tunnel.
  • Workflow at the majority of companies is increasingly digital, meaning that for the most part they do not need to access analog footage at any point in the process, including storage, retrieval, screening or final delivery of footage to the client.
  • The footage business continues its migration to the web, and websites are improving as companies get more clips online and add more e-commerce functionality.
  • As might be expected given the levels of investment in digitization, footage companies have become more productive and average headcount has declined since 2007.


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