Peek of the week; the most watched video’s around the world

France: Max Boubil “J’aime Les Moches”

This video took in over 12 million views and is about a man’s preference for less-attractive women.

India: RA One – Teaser

India’s  “Bollywood” had quite a good 2011 in the States.  One of the bigger hits was RA One, and this trailer was watched over 4 million times.

South Korea: 우리 처제 결혼식 빵터짐 ㅋㅋ

“Our sister wedding ppangteojim”  This had over 3 million views.

Japan: 総集篇 180秒

“set of articles, 180 seconds.”  captured a solid 300,000 views.

Czech Republic: 168 hodin – Pero z Chile – Václav Klaus krade – Czech President steals pen.

When the Czech Republic President “steals a pen”  it becomes a matter of conspiratorial music and shell-game following tactics, it collected over 3 million views.

Israel: Dip Your Apple – Fountainheads Rosh Hashanah

One of the biggest hits in Israel with nearly 2 million views.

Hong Kong: Nokia N9 Seconds – The world’s quickest ad – Swipe

A Nokia phone ad introducing the swipe feature.

Taiwan: 什麼叫我很帥想跟我睡覺?我也要看人啊!

More video watching trends from last year on the youtube blog


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