Device type matters, tablets are shaping viewer behavior according to Ooyala report

Ooyala presented today the VideoMind Video Index report: the first quarterly overview on the state of online video.

Among its many findings, the report confirms what we’ve known all along: people are watching more and more video online. We’re simply in the midst of a fundamental shift in how people everywhere watch TV, film and video content.  Research specificly shows the difference in players as this graph desktop vs mobile shows

Here are some of the findings off the report:

  • Device type matters. And it looks like tablets are shaping viewer behavior in new ways. Tablet users averaged nearly 30 percent more viewing time per play than those who watched on desktops, for instance, and they completed videos at double the desktop rate.
  • Connected TV devices and game consoles are taking off. Video plays on these devices tripled in Q3 alone.
  • Viewers like to watch long-form content on big screens. For videos more than 10 minutes long, viewers using connected TV devices and game consoles were more than twice as likely to complete a video as viewers on desktops.
  • Facebook’s popularity varies greatly among countries when it comes to sharing video. Facebook is 17 times more popular than Twitter in Italy, for instance, but the two social media sites are on par in Japan.
  • iPads crushed Android tablets in terms of total audience size. iPads accounted for 97 percent of all tablet video plays.
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