Dadvertising, now who’s the daddy?

Dad’s have at last become a worthwhile adverting proposition for products other than toiletries and power tools. We have created a new breed of advert that a picks a hole at the notion ‘Mum does all the shopping’ and finally recognizes that Dad does a bit as well, our hard work has lead to the long awaited birth of ‘Dadvertising’.
The first strike in a campaign was the below advert for Sainsburys
I really liked this advert from the start, the first time I saw it, it was shot beautifully, the music was great, and without being overly sentimental, it managed to intelligently steer a path through real situations that a father aspires to share with his son.
The depiction of a Father-Son relationship like this for a major retailer that has no motive other than to sell groceries is a bold step, and one that genuinely warmed my heart, this was the first big success for Dadvertising.
Here is another  masterpiece in Dadvertising, brilliant script, great tagline and what really blew me away about this is it’s placement. It’s not on in-between The MilkShake Girls, no, it’s on when Dad’s watching the TV on his own and it’s reigniting his passion for Lego by appealing to his selfish nature, and it works for lego;
The strapline is brilliant as well, so simple and totally inspiring. Build Together (nice typography as well while we’re at it), is positioning Lego as a social activity, rather than a toy, it’s an easy way to spend time with your family and everyone have fun at the same time. I mean has anyone ever played Elefun? It’s hard to feel challenged as an adult catching butterflies out of a 3 foot long Elephant trunk.
This Advert sells the idea that products works across all ages and i’m sure we are going to see a lot more Dadvertsising.

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