joins the latest round of new social media video players

New York City-based startup is now open to the public, making its social video recommendations service available to all. And it’s doing so with the introduction of an iOS app that will bring the same type of video viewing experience available on its website to the iPad and iPhone. launched in closed alpha earlier this year, debuting an easy-to-use, leanback experience for discovering videos that connections have shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. All users have to do is log in with Facebook or Twitter (or both) and they will be shown a continuous feed of videos from those networks. Users can then also share videos with their own friends and followers, like them or bookmark them for later.

In addition to its website, the startup has expanded its availability with the introduction of an iOS app that will bring similar functionality to the iPad and iPhone. CEO Reece Pacheco told us in a phone interview that the goal was to make the service available beyond just a user’s web browser. “The thing that’s really cool is to extend this beyond the desktop,” Pacheco said. “At night you don’t really want to hop on your computer, and now you can browse these videos in bed on your iPad.”

Here’s’s video demo:

This is a pretty cool idea, since now you don’t have to search for those videos anymore on all of your social media. Now you can just let the app find them and then you can bookmark them for later viewing, all in one place. With the apps, this makes the video aggregation portable. Now you just have to figure out which service is best. For instance, the Showme service allows users to watch the videos with friends, something Google+ has trumpeted in the public launch of their social network. No doubt all of these services are looking for content and capabilities no one else has. Perhaps by next year, one will blow up and be the frontrunner for video sharing.

No doubt these apps will be closely watched by those who make sharing video their business. These could be remarkable tools for people who create videos and want to share them with a lot of people all at once, as it has a better shot of not getting lost in the shuffle of all the other updates and other videos from social media during the day.


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