Youtube advise for marketeers: create content, not commercials

Youtube is more and more establishing themselves as a great advertsising medium but it’s not the commercials that it’s all about it it the content and youtube suggest you should create content instead of commercials.

This video for example of a mountain biker knocked to the ground by a buck, shot by a GoPro camera, was found on YouTube and used by GoPro.

In a recent interview with Reelseo at the liveclicker video summit Andy Stack Product Manager at YouTube says;

The definition of content is very rich and changing, by definition. So, we shouldn’t be held to old ideas of what content is. It could be curated content, mash-ups, expression, dialogue, and a variety of different types of content.

Lines are blurring between entertainment and advertising, and between consumers and marketers. Marketing platforms are rapidly evolving, and at the center of it all is online video. Brands and consumers are interacting in ways they never have before, and everyone is witnessing this through the power of sight, sound, and motion.

But underlining it all, he says, is that we’re content creators by our own DNA.

We are all storytellers, and a content strategy helps ultimately for people to sell brands, not brands to sell brands.

Stack says that a characteristic of successful videos are retailers, brands or others who have a whole social media strategy around the launching of a YouTube video.

One of the other things I encourage is to engage the viewer in a conversation. Think of the video experience as a conversation. It doesn’t start and stop with the video. There’s great opportunity to have at the end of a video, various calls to action. Such that if somebody’s hooked with the video, here’s the next step that they can take to either engage with the brand, learn more information or perhaps discover other videos.

Another great example of a brand using video is Orabrush, which became a YouTube sensation. Who knew that oral hygiene products could be a cross-over hot with video, yet Orabrush used it’s YouTube channel to sell over 1 million of the $5 tongue brushes, and major drugstores are now carrying it on their shelves. They were named one of the Top 10 Social Media campaigns of 2010.

The power of social is something that retailers can harness to build your own brands too.  One of the important aspects of social is sharing, and 30% of people share videos they like, over 400 videos are shared on Twitter every minute, and the amount of YouTube videos watched on Facebook is equal to 150 years. As the world’s largest focus group, online video lets you know if the creative or videos that you are running on TV and elsewhere are making an impact when people choose to consume your brand and spread the word. Retailers can use video like a sand box to experiment and use the variety of tools available from YouTube to find the right mix, then rinse and repeat.

Lucas Watson, YouTube’s vice president of online video global sales ads;

We would love YouTube to be a much larger part of brands’ advertising budget and mix in the next year and the future than it is today,

YouTube has been trying for two years to transform itself into a bigger revenue producer for Google by attracting advertisers with professionally produced videos and new kinds of ads. It now says it has 800 million unique viewers worldwide a month. Analysts estimate that YouTube contributes more than $1 billion to Google’s annual ad revenue and is most likely profitable.

But YouTube, now six years old, is still in the early stages of making money. Advertisers spend just $2.2 billion on all online video ads, compared with $60.5 billion on television ads, according to eMarketer, a research firm, and ad agencies are only now hiring people with expertise in online video. According to an estimate by Citigroup, YouTube will contribute 5 percent of Google’s total annual revenue in 2011.


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