Google launches AdWords for video

Google announced today a exiting new development in the world of online video advertising: Adwords For Video. Launching in private beta starting today, AdWords For Video is video ad management made easy, and could open the door for all kinds of brands and businesses to a simple and affordable way to reach targeted video viewers.

Google AdWords for Video combines the science of online advertising with the emotional engagement of video as Google claims. The new feature enables advertisers to use a dynamic, auction-based system that enables them to easily place and manage video ads on YouTube and the Google Display Netwok, helping to extend campaign reach.

With YouTube being  the world’s most popular video community, and the Google Display Network being the #1 ad network that reaches 89% of the online population this way it will be easy to attract the audience you might be looking for and you only pay when viewers watch your video.

Here is a list of features and how this could potentially benefit you;

1. Set up your campaigns with tools designed especially for video 

  • Get started faster with a new video campaign workflow. Find links to your YouTube account for quick ad selection, a bid process optimized for a video view, and video-specific reporting metrics to help you track and improve campaign performance.

2. Target—and reach—the perfect audience

  • Find prospective customers with comprehensive targeting options such as demographics, keyword, interest categories, topics, and specific publisher placements.

3. Spread your video message on a larger scale

  • Connect with your audience on YouTube, the #1 video destination, and the Google Display Network, which includes millions of websites that reach 89% of the online population.

4. Let viewers choose you—and boost your view count

  • Let TrueView video ads do the targeting for you. When viewers choose to watch your message, your YouTube view count goes up.

5. Pay per view with TrueView video ads 

  • Pay when the viewer chooses to watch your ad. Set your own budget and bids using the dynamic auction of Google AdWords across the family of viewer choice formats, which include: TrueView In-stream, TrueView In-search, TrueView In-display and TrueView In-slate.

6. Encourage your audience to take action 

  • Display an overlay ad over your video to make an offer to your viewers, share more information about your business or drive traffic to your website. The overlay appears over your TrueView In-search and In-display videos that play on YouTube.

7. Gain valuable insights about your video 

  • See who’s viewing your video, how long they’re watching it and what other actions they take to help improve your campaign’s performance.


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