Reels of the Week – Trending video’s worth seeing;

Wednesday is the peak (and peek if you like) of the week, so we try compile every wednesday for you some trending and inspiring reels;

Toyota is tapping into “unboxing” trend with this new video. They brought in Gizmodo’s Adam Frucci to add an authentic feel to their “Unboxing: 2012 Toyota Yaris” video:

Beneful–the dog food brand used the popular slow-motion technique perfectly in this video:

Motor Trend went right for the car junkie jugular this week by assembling eleven of the world’s most elite sports cars for the mother of all drag races. If you like fast cars, you will like this video:

Big Cat Rescue  scored several viral hits over the last couple years, like Do Tigers Like Catnip. This time, they decided to take the domestic cat’s love of chasing laser pointers and see if big cats would react the same way:

40 years of victories – Greenpeace reflected on there achievements by creating this video featuring rich looking business people responding to bad news:
And last but not least a pop quiz: Any idea which company is behind this video;
Maybe you have noticed; “special thanks to Samsung for giving us Galaxy S II phones for filming in 1080p Full HD”  no doubt paying Freddie for the opportunity  and the sponsorship consists basically of providing the cameras for the video, and a nice little thank you message of text at the video’s conclusion. That’s it but you know what? That sponsorship is easily worth it for Samsung, regardless of what it cost them. The video is less than a week old, and already over 7 million views. That’s 7 million people who have been exposed to the little thank you to Samsung, even though many probably didn’t even see it.

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