Online Video at Work; Here’s what you’re watching and where

According to this infographic, based on data from Harris Interactive, lots of us are watching online videos at work — and a good deal of them aren’t work-related.

We have to play hide and seek with our new devices to watch porn (3%) and this might also explain recent stats according to a new study by Staples Advantage that  tablet owners love the devices so much that they’re taking them everywhere — even the bathroom.  The survey found 35% of tablet owners use the device in the loo. The respondents also admit to taking their tablets to restaurants (30%), on vacation (60%) and using them in bed (78%).

Eighty percent of those polled also said they see tablets as a means to help them achieve an improved work/life balance. Some 60% say they get more work done using a tablet. Communication is also a strong motivator to buy the devices; 40% say they bought one to stay connected with colleagues and clients and 75% use the tablets to check email.

While tablets are no doubt impinging on consumers’ home lives like never before, the 35% figure for tablet bathroom use may actually be lower than some would suspect. A 2008 survey from AOL Mail found 59% of people check their email from the bathroom.

Infographic courtesy of Wistia


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