Google Goes Big With Its Hulu Bid

All Things Digital speculates that Google might be after much more than 2 years for content licenses, because they’ve bid more than the others–perhaps as much as $1 or $2 billion more.

Currently Hulu’s corporate owners are mulling bids from three would-be buyers: Amazon, Yahoo, and the Dish Network but the newest and most potential recently joining the bidding war is Google.

There’s even a juicy quote from an anonymous source that suggests Google’s mountain of money is giving Hulu executives reason to think twice:

Since that’s not what Hulu’s owners have put on the table, “normally we would have thrown people out if they’d said that,” says an executive familiar with the sales process. But Google “indicated that there’s enough money” involved so that Hulu’s owners are at least thinking about continuing the discussion.

Google has been one of the top contenders mentioned in the Hulu race since it began and Google’s interest in Hulu is likely tied mostly to the site’s content licensing agreements, which YouTube doesn’t have. Yet. The likely hood being is that Google will push all the content on Youtube and closes down Hulu altogether. Currently Hulu is also available in the USA but if this deal goes trough possible Google will push the content across Youtube world wide if it gets the license agreement.

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