Create your personalized bedroom on youtube with IKEA

IKEA have used the results of a UK study to redesign their range of bedrooms in stores across the country. Over 2 million Brits were questioned about their home lives in an effort to create relevant designs that provide solutions for people’s needs. As part of a new bedrooms campaign, revolved around helping people go to bed happy, the IKEA UK YouTube channel features a tool for creating your own personalized bedroom.

Log in with your Facebook account to view a showroom designed to suit you, created using information from your profile. The bedroom even includes photos of your friends on the wall, for an added personal touch. You can view detailed product information for all of the items in the room and either click through to to purchase any of them or print them off as a shopping list. The IKEA UK channel also includes a video advert for bedrooms called ‘Everything you need to go happy to bed,’ which features a couple having a pillow fight:


IKEA YouTube channel


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