Social video campaign update

Two new social video campaigns have caught our red eyes later we speak about the new Old spice but first Puma’s social campaign;

Following on from Puma Social‘s popular first spot about the ‘After Hours Athlete’,

the sportswear brand releases a second video, which continues to celebrate socializing and getting involved in things like bowling, pool, table tennis and darts.

The overall message seems to be that Puma also wants to dress you with the right attire for your time off the field/track, and provide an ‘in’ to facilitate your more social, casual endeavors. We’ll keep an eye out to see what value the Puma Social site ultimately provides to its audience, beyond what other entertainment brands.

In addition also our favourite Old spice is back but now with Mano vs Mano

Wieden+Kennedy delivered the punch line set up by their recent dalliance with B-list hunk Fabio, whom they recently set up as “The New Old Spice Guy.”  On Monday, Fabio challenged “the Old Old Spice Guy” Isaiah Mustafa to an “Internets duel.”  Mustafa accepted on the same day, ending a hiatus from said Internets that had many fans worried that Fabio might truly be replacing him.  Billed as “Mano A Mano in El Bano,” the battle was waged in the form of a cascade of short videos responding to questions posed by spectators via Twitter.

They had us at “in El Bano.”  By mid-day Wednesday, the duelists had uploaded dozens of videos.

What’s interesting to us as experts in digital analytics and advertising effectiveness is the way that this campaign – like the Old Spice Guy campaign on the whole – deftly aims at non-traditional ‘response metrics’.  No doubt the campaign’s ultimate goal is to increase product sales by raising the brand’s image, but this campaign is designed to get to its goal by first sparking two actions that it doesn’t explicitly call for: getting viewers to tell someone else to watch and getting viewers to come back for the next video, and the next, and the next.  These goals are common to ‘viral’ efforts, but Old Spice sets the bar – a judgment backed up by the modest-at-best traffic to, which grew with the initial Old Spice Guy campaigns but now stay in an orbit typical of products designed to make men smell better.


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