Yahoo! reveals new trends in online video

Yahoo! partnered with Interpret to survey more than 4,100 online video viewers about their last viewing experience in the past 24 hours. To ensure accurate representation of online video usage as it compares to traditional television, we used last occasion coincidental methodology, a common practice in TV advertising research but unique in online video.

Now remember, they polled online video viewers so this isn’t about how many new viewers there are, it’s just a look at the shifting behaviors of viewers online.

So with their methodology and sample group they found out that short clips are dipping, full-length TV and films are growing and some other major trends have emerged.

There was a 10 point shift away from short clips into TV and Movies online. That’s a pretty big move in just two years and if that were to continue, within five years long-form online video will be more than 50% of all online video viewed. Seven percent of people shifted into full-length TV online. Then again, how many TV shows had full episodes online two years ago? This could possibly even accelerate over the next few years if TV puts more online so we can watch it.

Not only more people watching video online, but more content being online.

Daily viewing was also up 33% from the previous study with a nice 57% of participants watching a video.

Prime time is Prime

In the last research there was a big dip in the evenings starting around 6pm and ending around 9pm. Presumably that was the eat-dinner-in-front-of-the-TV and the watch-new-TV-first-run effects having their toll on viewing of online video. But now, that’s not such the case as there was a pretty massive upward movement in viewing. In fact, more people now watch video during that three hour period than ever before. This also seems to have lowered the ‘at work’ viewing, or at least the viewing during those 9-5 hours as it all dropped off a bit. How much of a change was there in evening prime time? Something like 30-35% which we can call the HuluFlix Effect.

Sure there are some other services like Best Buy Cinema Now, VUDU, VEVO and different content now on YouTube which might have also impacted these numbers, but Netflix and Hulu are likely to be the majority.

Consumer generated vs Professionally made content

Interesting is the part where they asked people about ads, based on whether they were made by professionals or ‘people like me,’.

The majority of these results seem to say to create impact on branding or adaptation that people prefer higher production values videos opposite to “home-made”  movies.


Consumers show greater engagement to professionally polished videos attached to “mixed media,” like articles. They’re also more receptive to ads in video environments that include content. 57% of participants in this study say that they really enjoyed video next to an article.  They also found that when a video is viewed on a page that includes an article, viewers are more likely to watch the video to get more information, recall seeing the advertising, and view the video as “professional” – resulting in a consumer who is in a more open mindset for advertising.

Generally at Gamers Daily News the ads are YouTube embeds that are sent from the game publishers but on our reviews it’s our own productions and hosting. I like that it says 61% are more likely to think of the site  as professional.

To conclude a summery of  the survey:

  • Online Prime Time.  With the meteoric rise of online video viewership between 6pm to 9pm, online video is becoming a viable opportunity to connect with consumers during prime time. Capitalize on this trend by integrating TV and online video advertising.
  • Happen Upon Your Consumer.  While appointment viewing is more prominent for long form content, short form content is an integral part of consumers’ every day online experience – leading to more opportunities for advertisers.
  • Get Shorty, but Professional.  Leverage professionally-produced short video series on large video sites and content providers.
  • Advertise on the “Right Content.”  Consumers react significantly more positively to ads placed next to professional content, so make sure you know which content will be aligned with your ads.
  • Social is About Short Clips I Didn’t Make.  Plan media buys next to content that is shared most often – mainly professional short clips like music, entertainment, or news clips. Achieve advertising  “viralocity” by investing in great creative that aligns with content consumers want to share.

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