Video goes social and plays major role in strategy Google+ and Facebook

You wonder what video and social got in common but they seem the two buzz words in the google + and facebook boardrooms.

Right now, there are five main “apps” or “widgets” you can use in Google Plus according to Google’s promotional page for Plus.

We higlight the video related ones below, but don’t get to exited yet coz as of today Google seized adding new members to Google Plus due to popular demand (marketing stunt?)


Hangouts is where you will most see how important video is to Google’s social plans. And it is very important. Hangouts is essentially a way to create your own custom video chat rooms. You can let one friend know you’ve started a Hangout, or tell entire Circles about it. Anybody who wants to can then come join your Hangout.

Bottom line: multiple people on video chat all in one room. Outstanding. It’s a bit like Chatroulette… only with actual useful functions (because chatting with friends spontaneously is far more engaging over the long haul than chatting with strangers spontaneously).

Instant Upload

Instant Upload is another place Google Plus shows off its love of video. Instant Upload, once you’ve added the Google Plus app to your mobile device, will basically take every photo and video you record with your phone and upload it automatically to a sort of Google Plus holding bay. Then, you can decide whether or not to share it with your friends and Circles.

So basically it eliminates a step in the photo and video sharing process, letting users skip the manual upload altogether. Nice.

In addition Facebook had a message for the television world: social TV is coming. Andy Mitchell, SVP of Strategic Partner Development at Facebook, pitched a crowd of media and branding honchos at the PromaxBDA conference on Wednesday on the various ways in which he thinks his company can help the broadcast media embrace the social world. An obvious starting point was program filtering.

If you look at the program guide as it stands now, you’re trying to figure out what to watch among five hundred channels. It’s really hard,” Mitchell said. “But think about a program guide where you see what your friends are watching, that changes the experience.

That’s not just a Facebook idea. A few weeks ago at the Cable Show in Chicago, Comcast unveiled the next generation of its Xfinity TV product, which featured exactly what Mitchell described – a program guide based on what shows are trending among Facebook friends.

The bottom line, in Mitchell’s opinion, is that social media (and, of course, Facebook in particular) are poised to change the way we watch TV—not just in terms of how we find our content, but in terms of the way we connect to one another around that content. And this, in Mitchell’s mind, offers an opportunity for programmers to court new viewers. “I think the real opportunity is creating a TV experience in which one or two or three of your friends share [their] viewing experiences,” he said which “get’s people to become recruiters for your show.”


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