Automotive top global advertising sector, let’s see if it’s money well spend.

According to this Nielsen rapport the (bailed out) Automotive and Financial industry have helped the growth in global advertising, with the Automotive sector being the global advertising sector.

The overall global advertising grew with 10.6% in 2010.

So we are having a quick look if our money was well spend 😉

Here is our top 6:

This 2-minute web video by Ogilvy & Mather Paris Designed to advertise Ford’s innovative Active Park Assist feature, the video shows children putting on their own show in the backyard, with dogs taking part in a synchronized stunt. Directed by James Frost through Zoo Film production, the commercial is made to look like a homemade family video. The grand finale is a dog jumping into the front seat of the family’s new Ford C-Max, pushing a button, and the car parking itself in front of the banner. Natalie Heckel, Executive Director of Client Service for Ogilvy & Mather Paris, said:

We wanted to communicate the magic of the Ford brand and its technological USP in the style of what our target loves to watch the most on YouTube: homemade videos featuring the family and starring none-other-than the beloved family pet.

History in the making, 125 years of innovation at Mercedes;


A Day In The Life Of An Audi Driver by BBH

We like this new mind blowing BMW spot but keep on wondering it is real:

This VW commercial still remains our current favorite by far:

and our all time favorite the Honda Cog.


2 thoughts on “Automotive top global advertising sector, let’s see if it’s money well spend.

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