Nielsen Cross platform rapport; Video Viewing Up On All Platforms

Key points

  • Traditional TV – Increased 22 minutes per month in the last year. Broadcast-only homes are less than 10% of all households
  • Cable dipped in subscription numbers compared to satellite and telephone-offerings who grew.
  • Mobile – Increased 41% since last year, 100% 2009.
  • Online Video – 1 hour 10 more compared then a year ago
  • HDTV – 2/3 of households have one, 20% more than last year
  • DVR – 40% of households have one.
  • Video Game Consoles – 45% have one or more
  • Women watch more than men but men stream more 
  • Internet video largest demographic;  35-49, largest mobile demographic  25-34, compared to TV 50-64

What do people watch ?

nielsen cross platform charts

Tv viewing still increased 22 minutes per month last year, so it looks like we are consuming more over all platforms.


Here is a breakdown of demographics. Mobile has the largest youngest demographic overall, therefore possible for advertisers/marketeers the most attractive medium.

platform by demo video watching

According to Nielsen, television distribution via Cable is down compared to last year which could mean people moving away from cable to (streaming) internet usage. It would be interesting to see this rapport covering Europe in addition to the USA and see what the difference in trends are there.

Read the full Nielsen report here.


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