Stella Artois launches 60s inspired cinematic ad

To brush of the former “wife beater” identity the company hired Mother agency to change perception and is doing very well with this gentleman like approach…. would you?

Wes Anderson, the Hollywood auteur behind the film ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, and ‘Roman Coppola’. Created this recently launched; Le Apart-O-Matic it aims to be cool, sophisticated and funny…

The ad features a soave man bringing back a beautiful brunette to his modern gadget-laden, retro cool apartment. Upon finding herself alone in the living room, the woman starts to play with lots of switches on the coffee table, which sees her swallowed up by the sofa but also a pint of Stella Artois perfectly poured on the windowsill. When the man re-enters the room he notices his companion’s disappearance and despite her muffled cries from within the sofa, all he can spot is the chilled glass of Stella Artois sitting on the side. The ad ends with the strapline, ‘She is a thing of beauty.’ The ad was edited by Stephen Perkins and the production company was Moxie Productions. James Watson, marketing director of Stella Artois Western Europe, said: “Stella Artois is famed for its award-winning advertising, but we’ve raised the bar even higher with Le Apart-O-Matic. “It characterises Stella Artois perfectly with its cool, sophisticated and witty storyline that we already know consumers love with over 150,000 having watched the video to date – probably with a chilled glass of Stella Artois in their hand.” Anderson has previously directed ads for AT&T and American Express.



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