Your personalized, geographically targeted Video ad is finally here

Local is the new global. A brand makes a commercial, and we all see that same spot no matter who or where we are but with a killer new technology, Eyeview is hoping to change all that and bring video ads into the digital age by dynamically serving up different versions of ads for different audiences. This will make brands embrace online video as a new and powerful medium for advertising. But no longer the one-size-fits all solution as we know it.

Eyeview’s technology serves up unique ads, on the fly, that are altered to speak to the specific audience. For instance, an ad for a travel site might end with actual discounted fares out of BNA if I’m watching it, but different deals for different fares out of LAX for someone viewing the ad from Los Angeles.

Display ads have been doing this for years–detecting your location through an IP address and serving banner ads specifically created for your area. But translating that kind of adaptive system to video is trickier, mostly because it’s incredibly expensive to create thousands of versions of high quality ads.

Eyeview’s technology is, you might have guessed, mostly a post-production service that takes a produced video ad and adds dynamic video compositions that are generated in real time–all without compromising the broadcast-quality brands want in an ad. Eyeview’s technology is not Flash-based, which means it’s capable of running on any video player across any ad-server.

Some of the demographic customization options can be based on:

  • Location
  • Local Prices & Deals
  • Time & Date
  • Gender
  • Behavioral Information
  • Weather

According to Tal Riesenfeld, the VP of Business Development,

For instance, in one spot for a Home Improvement company, the ad could be tailored to the local weather of the person watching it, so that someone in Seattle actually sees the same commercial as someone in a sunny locale, only with dark clouds and rain added to the scene. It looks pretty seamless, too.

Ex-Google CEO, Eric Schmidt’s venture fund has just made a sizable investment in Eyeview which would suggest that this is the growth area in online video advertising. And might even one day be integrated with Google and replace local customized text adverts.

Brands want to speak directly to their potential customers in there own language, and it’s been virtually impossible to do that previously, but with technology like what Eyeview has developed this is all going to change.

See a gallery of customized ads here.


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