Curating Video Content Across The Web

With the deluge of content being added to the web on a rolling basis, there’s a continuing push to develop tools that enable us to tap into and manage that experience. Nowhere is this perhaps more important than around online video, where a community site like YouTube sees 35 hours of new footage being added every minute, and in an ever-expanding marketplace where viewers can access streaming content across countless aggregators, media producers, new sites and brand pages.  One new service that hopes to crack this conundrum is Squrl, a mobile and web application that enables people to pull in videos from popular sites like Hulu, Netflix, ESPN, DailyMotion and TED, and curate that content in one centralized dashboard.

A bookmarking tool allows people to tag videos as they browse, automatically sending them to a personalized page. Additional features for gathering video include an email function that lets people forward messages with videos attached and post them directly to their playlist, as well as a Twitter bridge that pulls in video from a user’s Twitter stream by simply retweeting posts that contain video. In addition to generating their own personal streams, users can choose to subscribe to other member’s content, bringing an element of discovery into the mix.

Perhaps the service’s most compelling feature, is its “TV Anywhere” aspect, utilizing Apple’s AirPlay. This feature will let any user with an Apple TV push content from their iPad or iPhone to their television with the click of a button, and because the video is synced between devices, a person can begin watching on their TV and seamlessly finish viewing on their tablet in another location. This also opens the door for simultaneous browsing and viewing behaviors, allowing a culture of multi-taskers to easily switch between content.



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