Ooyala Personalizes the Over-the-Top Experience With Ooyala Everywhere

White label online video platform Ooyala is rolling out a suite of services designed to help content creators and distributors deliver rich, personalized viewing experiences directly to consumers, helping to bring more premium over-the-top content to the living room, mobile devices and PC.

Ooyala Everywhere lets content creators and distributors engage consumers directly, so their programming can be fully monetized through ads, subscriptions, and pay-per-view.

“In the near future, all ‘television’ will be viewed on connected devices,” said Bismarck Lepe, president of products and co-founder, Ooyala. “The world where a viewer is tethered to a single location to watch TV programming is very quickly coming to an end. Companies that do not evolve to provide an engaging and personalized video experience across all screens will continue to lose market share and eventually disappear. Ooyala EverywhereTM shortens the time to market for launching a video experience that is optimized for all screens. And with Ooyala Personal PlaybackTM, content providers can provide a unique and connected experience for consumers.”

Additionally, Ooyala announced the Ooyala Everywhere Partner NetworkTM, a global network of device makers, software providers and broadcasters focused on the delivery and monetization of professional video to connected devices including TVs, tablets, smartphones and browsers.

“We enable entertainment and deliver information in new and innovative ways to consumers around the world,” said Yuki Kusumi, director of corporate R&D strategy office, Panasonic. “Consumers now demand high-quality video experiences at any time, and on any device. We are driven to deliver rich entertainment to consumers no matter how they engage with it. Our devices are powering a new generation of entertainment and we expect Ooyala EverywhereTM to be an important step forward for this evolution.”

Benefits of the Ooyala Everywhere would mean new Revenue Opportunities for Operators, Broadcasters and Studios by multi-platform distribution.

As part of its Over-the-Top initiative, Ooyala has partnered with a host of companies to extend the reach of online video. Ooyala EverywhereTM enables vast libraries of diverse content to be consumed in connected living rooms with the use of partner technologies from Roku, Boxee, Google TV, YouView and connected TV makers including LG Electronics and Panasonic.

Youngjae Seo, vice president, smart TV team of LG Electronics states;

“We see a future where a consumer has the freedom to view content from a variety of connected devices, any time anywhere. Our partnership with Ooyala will accelerate this vision, and allow our devices and the content they deliver to be integral to consumers’ daily experiences.”

Industry research shows that Internet TV is a vast and rapidly growing market. According to recent research from Informa Telecoms & Media, OTT-to-the-TV viewers will outnumber IPTV viewers by 2013, and 380 million people globally will view online video via connected devices such as TVs, games consoles or set-top boxes by 2015.

Sales of Internet TV-enabled devices will increase six-fold between 2011 and 2013, Appliance Magazine estimates.2 Additionally, according to Nielsen Research, online video consumption is up 16 percent from last year. Of note, approximately 44 percent of all online video is being viewed in the workplace. Nielsen also found that Americans watch network programs online when they miss an episode or when a TV is not available.

Via http://www.ooyala.com/blog


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