Kiss goodbye to the 30-second ad, branded click-to-buy clips are redefining online campaigns

Kiss goodbye to the 30-second ad/ YouTube, branded clips and click-to-buy are redefining the who, what, where, when and how of online campaigns.

Online video has been tipped as one of the fastest-growing digital channels for 2011. The past six months have seen a host of innovative campaigns hit the market from the M&S interactive branded video campaign featuring click-to-buy to the Doritos user-generated ’King of Ads’ campaign, which called on the public to create their own ads, with the winner played during ITV’s World Cup coverage.

With consumer attention now divided across multiple platforms – from TV, PC and mobile, to tablets such as the iPad, and now the rise of web-connected TVs, the opportunities for video to cross over are ever-increasing.

Opportunities range from interactive pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads during long-form video-on-demand content to interactive ’skins’ that add a branded frame around a video player on a website, to viral, user-generated, and brand-funded content. Deciding which ad format will best suit a brand’s campaign objectives is a challenge. Some have proved more effective than others.

Research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), Sky and media research agency Decipher has helped shed light on which formats have proved the most effective. According to the study, which tracked 24 short-form video campaigns from 11 brands over 12 months, video campaigns combining pre-roll and banner ads deliver the highest recall rates.


In the run-up to Christmas last year launched a series of gift films incorporating click-to-buy, created by video content specilaist Adjust Your Set.

These ’Gifts for Him’ and ’Gifts for Her’ were live for ten days on the e-tailer’s online TV channel, and attracted 22,682 views; 2,609 ’Buy’ clicks on the gifts, and an average clickthrough rate of 11.5%.

Subsequently Lastminute asked the agency to repurpose the films to make them more generic, to use in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. The videos were live for 13 days, attracting 11,840 views and 1,047 people clicked ’buy’ – an average clickthrough rate of 8.8% – by the time Marketing Week went to press.

A spokeswoman says the click-to-buy videos have provided a significant return on investment. “Video content like this where the viewer can click and buy products or services from us while the video is playing has proved it drives sales and engagement for the brand, and we’ll continue to invest in this in the coming year.”

Read the full story by Jessica Davies in Marketing week here


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